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FOREWARD BY TAI LOPEZ: This white paper is designed to help you go from knowing "what" to do and "why" you're doing it, to HOW to do it. The 67 Steps, my YouTube channel, my blog, my podcast - they're all designed to help guide you in the right direction. They're like a compass, helping you find the direction to go. This white paper, this workshop, they're designed to be a MAP to work with that compass, to help you know what to do to become a successful entrepreneur.

I normally don't endorse "one way" of building a business, there are lots and lots of different business models. But I can't deny what Sam's been able to accomplish in a short period of time with his system. Over 100 six figure earners and 9 seven figure earners. Incredible. I highly recommend you take the time to read this white paper, attend the workshop, and most of all - take action and execute!

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In any business specialist earn more money, they get more respect, and have more fun. The best way I can describe this is with the example of the general practitioner VS the brain surgeon. You know the general practitioner doctor, the one that sits in a very small office. They see many patients a day for 15 minutes and they just diagnose them basic medical issues, if there is a big  issue they always send them to a specialist. 

You know those guys have to work hard, don't get much respect, their generalist. They sit in a dungy office and they don't get paid that much. Then on the other hand we've got the specialist, the brain surgeon. Now the brain surgeon only has to perform only a couple surgeries a week. 

They do it in a very nice environment, on their own time. They get a whole bunch more respect, they're seen as authorities. More than that, they get rewarded about 15 to even a hundred times more, in terms of financial pay. Point is, you need to be a specialist. You don’t want to be a generalist. The quickest way to failure and mediocrity in business is to be a generalist. You want to be a specialist and you want to pick a niche. 

Your marketing is more powerful, conversations are more meaningful, and it's much easier to get clients when you know exactly who you should be talking to.

It's hard to be the best in the world in a range of things but it is surprisingly easy to do for something specific.

If you're trying to be an expert at all of these different things, it's never going to work and you’re never going to be able to be competitive. But when you narrow it down and you focus on 1 thing, it's surprising how quickly you can get good at it.

Big money in consulting is when you become the king of the mountain. And you need to define your mountain climb to the top of it and defend it. What I mean by this is, is you need to really define what your mountain is. 

What is your niche?

You might help personal trainers get more clients. Or you might help dentists get more clients, or you might help women over 40 lose weight. Whatever it is that you do, you want to pick one thing and just focus on it. Stop being a generalist and really become a specialist. This is what I mean by defining your mountain and owning it. When you become the king of your mountain, people will come to you instead of you chasing them. 

Generalist consultants are no longer your competition and they do not stand a chance. So if you're a consulting, if you're a consultant, and your mountain is helping personal trainers get clients, and then another person just helps people get clients in general. If the personal trainer meets with both people, who do you think he’s going to choose. He's going to choose the specialist every day of the week and not only that , he's going to be willing to pay the specialist 3-4-5, sometimes 10 times more than the generalist.

Also, when you become the king of your mountain, prospects literally beg you to work with them at any price and you get to pick and choose and you get to advise instead of do and charge much higher prices.

Let's define your mountain right now. I've explained why it’s important, so let's get it done. Now the best way I have to really figure out what your niche and what your areas of expertise is, is with these 3 things. What I want you to do right now is start thinking about the skills that you have. In your lifetime or your career or your business- whatever, what skills have you acquired, that you’re good at? Write them down. The 2nd one, the industries that you know, so think about your history, like what industries do you really know a lot about.

You may have read a lot of books about an industry; you may have worked in an industry. You know, make a little list. Then finally, the market has needs and desires. For those industries, what keeps those guys up at night? What are the problems they face on a day to day basis? What are their fears and desires? What makes them tick? What I want you to do is just kind of jot down a few ideas on these different things. In the perfect overlap of these 3 is where your sweet spot is going to be. This is the bullseye. This is where you’re most potent and valuable to the market place and this where you want to carve out a niche for yourself and define your mountain and own it.

Now once you've done that, here’s some tips on how to research your market’s problems, needs and desires. 

Once you know your industry and what skills you offer, the next step is to look at the problems pains and desires of the market.

To do this, you need to do some quick research to be able to accurately write a day in your prospects diary.

There is an exercise which I like to complete for researching any niche and let's take a look at it now. 

I can literally enter any niche and become an expert at it and start getting clients in it almost overnight and I’m going to teach you how to have that same skill because once you have that same skill in your bout, you’re never ever going to go hungry you’re going to be able to carve your own way and write your own check.

So where do you get this information from?

Well, you start by identifying the top 10 blogs in your niche and to do this use It’s an awesome website if you go there you can type in personal training or plumbing or financial services or whatever it is that your niche is you can type in that keyword and it will tell you what the top 10 blogs are. So find out what those are. And then what are the most popular posts on those blogs. You know sort by popularity. What posts are getting shared the most, liked the most and commented on the most? This is going to tell us what the market’s interested in. It's going to give you an idea of the things they like and the things that they hate and you need to understand that to, to be able to do really good marketing in your niche.

Now go to the comments section of these posts. Look at what are people saying, their complaints, their fears.

Who are the top 10 influences in the niche, who are the gurus or the thought leaders, the influences in the niche. Find out who they are. Follow them and then look at what they're posting and then look at what they are saying. This is going to give you terrific insight into your niche and what makes them tick. 

Then you can go to amazon, search for your niche and then look for the top 10 most popular books in that niche. Then you can grab those, 
start reading them and you can see what people are saying in 
the books too. Just doing this alone will put you light years ahead of most consultants in the industry. Like I said most consultants are generalists, most consultants don't have a niche or a clearly defined mountain. With just this exercise alone you can do that.

By doing this alone we have selected a niche for you.

Right now we are already light years ahead of other consultants.

Now the next step is to define what you do and who you help as a consultant and most people screw this up really. So if you ask most consultants what they do, they say, “Well I help business make more money,” or “I help businesses with marketing.” You know it’s such a general response and it’s all most stutter and it doesn't come out right and it's embarrassing. 

If you can't clearly articulate and define what it is you do and who you help, it's a sure fire sign that your consulting business has problems and that it’s going to fall over within the next 6 to 12 months. You can take my word on that. So how do we fix it?

Well this is my formula that I use. It’s very simple. It is:

I help __________ to _______________ by _______________.

And what we do is we plug in these things.

So,I help niche to solve problem / get result by what service you offer. 
You could say, “I help personal trainers get more clients through Instagram marketing,” if that's what your skillset is. You could say, “I help women over 40 lose weight through Pilates.” You could say, “I help business owners and tax arrears to get out of tax arrears through smart marketing and text negotiation or whatever.” Whatever your skill set is, when we define your niche and your expertise now you can plug it into this sentence to get a crystal clear way to define what you do. Now that you have this statement you can construct awesome marketing messages, now you can truly tell people when they ask you, “What do you do?” You can tell them clearly and concisely exactly what it is that you do.

We discussed why right now the absolute perfect time to start your own consulting business is. Also why having a consulting offer is one of the most valuable assets that you can have because it means you will never go hungry. 

Also we've discussed the misconceptions most people have about consulting and why you can start your own consulting business right now by using the skills that you already have.

I also showed you how to pick your ideal niche. How to define your mountain and how to define clearly what you do and who you help as a consultant.

Next we're going to move on to my favorite thing to talk about and this is: 
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